Friday, December 23, 2011

And I'm Back

Writing went...well, it didn't go very far, let's just leave it at that.

So then I played the Sims, and it was lovely.

And then I got bored of that, and I thought, "Hey, I'll blog!"

So that's what I'm doing now. Duh.

For Christmas, my wonderful boyfriend got me a stuffed Dalek (it talks!), the Sonic Screwdriver of the Tenth Doctor (cos it's prettier than Eleven's), and a squishy stress ball cupcake. It was awesome. He's the bestest.

And the other day, we went out to lunch at a cafe that neither of us usually get to go to, but I love. Turns out one of our friends that graduated a couple years ago works there, and we got to visit with her for a while. Then we went across the street to a little antique shop, because we could. And he bought me an awesome teapot that's shaped like Big Ben (cos, you know, I'm a tad obsessed with England). It was awesome, and really sweet, and I lurve my new teapot.

Isn't that just adorable enough to make you want to vomit just a tad? That's what I was going for. 

And now it's...well, in one minute it will be Christmas Eve. Yay! I love Christmas. It makes me very happy. 

But now I'm very tired, and I want to go to bed.

So, goodnight!

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