Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 18: Your Dream Wedding

Coming from someone who used to be one of those little girls who sat around planning out their weddings and families and what they were going to name their kids (in elementary school, I was going to have two boys and a girl: Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Things have changed a bit), this is probably gonna be a long post.

My dream wedding... Well, the colors would be ivory and ice blue. My bouquet would be 12 lillies with an ice blue ribbon around them. My bridesmaids dresses would be ice blue silk: 

My engagement ring:                                                   
My cake would be a three tiered red velvet cake with a raspberry filling in the center and cream cheese frosting. (Now I really want some cake).

It would be in the fall, maybe September or October, in a traditional type church with stained glass windows and pews. 

And of course, my dress:

Yep, that sounds good to me. I'm sure there are a million other details I could think of, but I save that stuff for when I'm actually planning the wedding. Yay!

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