Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 3: What Type of Person Attracts You?

I need someone who will be nice to me. That's a given, obviously. Everyone needs that.

Someone sweet, and romantic, and that can be spontaneous. But not all the time, because that gives me anxiety issues.

Someone intelligent, with whom I can have intellectual and engaging conversations.

Someone nerdy! Someone who likes Harry Potter, and Doctor Who, and all that good stuff. Or at least someone that can respect that I like that stuff, and make an effort to be involved.

Someone who will support me, and believe in me, no matter how crazy my ideas get. And no matter how many times I say things that start with "when I'm rich and famous..."

Someone with a good sense of humor, that's a must. I need someone who will make me laugh! 

Someone who wants to travel, who shares the same sort of ambitions. And someone who wants a family, eventually. And marriage. I couldn't deal with someone who was afraid of commitment, or something like that.

Someone optimistic, but also realistic. Someone who'll help keep my feet on the ground, but at the same time, who'll go along with my foolish, indulgent, idealistic notions for at least a little while.

Someone who brings me chocolate a lot. I like chocolate.

Most of all, someone who likes me for who I am, and doesn't want me to change. Because I've tried before, and it's probably not gonna happen. I am who I am, craziness, frizzy hair, shrill voice, obnoxious laugh, and all. 

And the best part is? I've already found someone who meets my requirements. :)

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