Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 11: Things That Make You Scared

Hmm...long list.

1. Spiders. And insects of any kind. Really, the only bugs that don't totally freak me out are butterflies, lady bugs, fireflies, and dragon flies. And that's cos they're pretty.

2. The unknown. I hate not knowing things, I hate going into new situations and not knowing exactly what to expect and how to react. I don't do well when I don't know what's coming, I get really anxious and tense and upset.

3. The future. It kinda goes with the previous one, cos mostly what scares me about it is that I don't know how it's gonna turn out. But I'm also excited for it too.

4. Being alone. Not momentarily, but in the long run. 

5. Car crashes. Yep.

6. Losing loved ones. Self explanatory.

7. FROGS. Those creepy little buggers freak me right out. I can't stand to even look at pictures of them. Cartoon frogs are fine, sometimes even cute, but real ones... ugh.

8. The dark. Or, what's in it that I don't know about.

9. Failure. Also self explanatory. And disappointing people. As in, being a disappointment to people.

10. Singing in front of people. Freaks me right out. And to think, I used to want to do that as my career. Really rational, that. 

11. Pain. I don't like being in pain. Obviously.

Yeah, that's about it, I suppose. Lots of things freak me out.

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