Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 4: 5 Things That Annoy You About the Same Sex/Opposite Sex

5 Things That Annoy Me About Girls:

1. The ones who think it's cute to act like a total idiot.

2. The ones who think they can't actually like anything or have hobbies or anything because that would make them seem nerdy, and therefore unattractive.

3. Backstabbing, petty, shallow, immature ones.

4. Duck face. Enough said.

5. The ones that think they can't do anything without the approval of their friends or their boyfriends, or that think it's absolutely imperative to have the latter.

5 Things That Annoy Me About Boys:

1. The ones that think that you're only a real guy if you like sports, and grunting, and beer, and spitting. Not cool. Let's have some class.

2. The ones that think they're God's gift to women, when they are so clearly not. Or actually, even if they sort of are, if they think that highly of themselves... no.

3. Anyone who qualifies as a douche. You know what I mean.

4. Guys that brag about what they did with whom to their "friends" to look cool.

5. Guys that put girls down to look cool, or who treat girls like crap. See also: cheaters, sexists, and womanizers. 

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