Thursday, January 26, 2012


At this point during the year, I should be diligently and frantically working on the winter show for my theatre company.

I am not doing that at this time.

Due to our difficulties at the beginning of the year, we're behind schedule, and only doing one mainstage show this year. The Children's Theatre crowd are working on their performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which I'm really excited about). But I have to wait until the end of February until anything starts up for me really.


I have nothing to do. It's driving me nuts. I'm inexplicably frustrated for no reason. I feel like I have no sense of purpose, no usefulness. I go home, I watch the same shows, I do the same things, at the same time. No variation. Nowhere to be and nothing to do.

I'm going mad. I've come to the conclusion that I'm literally having theatre withdrawal.

I miss the mad rehearsals, and the early mornings, and late nights, and sleep deprivation, and crazy inside jokes, and costumes, and character shoes, and all that other good stuff. I'm sure in a couple of months, I'll be all like, Hey, remember when we didn't have theatre, and got a normal amount of sleep and didn't feel tired all the time? Yeah, haha, funny.

But seriously, I need a hit of my drug. O___O

'Kay, I'm done ranting. I'm gonna go to bed now.

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  1. There are still days when I miss theatre a lot.
    I can't wait to see you on stage! :D