Saturday, September 24, 2011


Why must everything be so difficult, all the time?

I needed to order an eBook for my online college class. I haven't done it yet, due to a mixture of laziness and insufficient funds. So, I finally got around to doing it, maybe a half hour ago...I got it ordered just fine and whatnot, they sent me both a confirmation email and one with steps on how to get to the book I just bought. I click on the link, it asks me for the password, I type in what they told me to in the email...and I get an error message that says something is wrong with my account, and I need to contact customer service for further assistance. So, I try a few more times, do various things, nothing works. 

So I go on the customer service website and after maybe ten minutes, FINALLY manage to fill out the form and get it submitted. They sent me an email back saying they'd look into it and let me know.

I'm so frustrated right now! I'm already kind of behind, because technically I should have bought this book about 3 weeks ago. And I was hoping to maybe start doing some stuff this weekend, so I wouldn't feel so guilty about it.

But apparently the universe had other plans for me. Bleh.

So, I guess I'll just go do some more laundry and wait for the boyfriend to get here so we can watch The King's Speech and season one of Sherlock. And hopefully eat snacks, because, like usual, I am hungry. I think the anger makes me want to odd. 

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