Friday, September 9, 2011

End of Week Update

Well, the first week of my senior year is over. I'm much less nostalgic about it now. Mostly I'm just tired and want it to be the weekend. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Let's week, so far. Well, for my schedule, I have 3 art classes, French 1, and a free hour. A pretty easy courseload, if you ask me.

My first hour is Art by Design, and so far it's...I'm not really sure, yet, to be honest. We're working on the Principles and Elements of art (same as in my fourth hour), which is quite dull stuff, to be honest. Although, the first day, we did make cookie dough, which was delish, and today we walked a block and a half to our local art gallery to peruse the new exhibit, which was quite fun.

Second hour, I have French 1A. It's...sheer bloody madness. It's an ITV class, which means most of the time, our teacher is in another school, and broadcasting to us and a couple other schools via cameras and microphones. The first day (and today, actually) we could not see our teacher at all. His equipment wasn't working right (heh). On top of that, he can barely hear our class because of our ancient and faulty microphones. One of the other school's class ends about halfway through ours, and the other school's ends maybe twenty minutes before ours, so then we're left sitting there with nothing to do for quite a bit of time (not entirely bad, though it is odd).

Third hour, free hour. Beautiful rest and relaxation period after the craziness that is French. Today I went to Wesco and got slushies and Doritos.

Fourth, Drawing. Again with the bloody Principles and Elements. Though I have to say, that class has more fun projects with the subject than my first hour.

Fifth, a class called Fiber Arts... It's very interesting. At the moment, we're making metal and fabric 'storyflowers'. I'm too tired to explain.

Today, we had a stupid pep assembly the last twenty minutes of school because there was an away football game against our supposed arch rival school. We always lose to them, but hey, at least we can psych ourselves up for that, yeah? Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have no school spirit. I just don't have very much.

Although, at a place where our new theme for Homecoming is 'Outer Space/Star Wars', I feel I can hardly be blamed for that. Being a nerd, you'd think I'd be more thrilled about this, but Star Wars is like, the one nerdy thing I don't geek out over. I've never actually seen it, yet. Now, if they wanted to have a Doctor Who themed dance...well, let's just say, no one would be able to stop me from getting a TARDIS blue dress, complete with all blue accessories. But hey, that's just me. other news, I got an eReader, which I am very psyched about. It's super cool, and I love it. I just finished the book Thirteen Reasons Why, and it was suuuuuper amazing. Definitely not a feel good read, but spectacular. I finished it in less than a day.

So, I guess I'll go back to my mini Doctor Who marathon now, before I fall asleep on my computer keyboard. Au revoir!

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