Sunday, September 4, 2011

Because I Was Bored, I Started a Blog

Sounds legit, right?

I thought so.

Also, I couldn't think of what to name it. So I gave it a crappy name, to be changed whenever inspiration strikes. I hope it's soon.

So. Um. Hi, guys.

Well, okay, actually I lied a little (I'm not off to a good start, am I?). I started a blog, yes, because I was bored, but also because I like writing. It's true, that is in fact, something I quite enjoy doing a lot. Sometimes I really don't care what I'm writing, or where, I just want to write something.

So, I thought, blog. Voila. I am quite the genius, aren't I?

Alright, I've ranted enough (see what I mean? Ranting is fun, it's good for the soul).

Anyways. Hi. I'm Lizzie. I'm a nerd, you may have noticed (I've only said it 300 times in my profile and blog stuffs).

Um...the rest of the stuff I'll cover in my next post. Yep. Bye bye!

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