Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 Done

Today, upon arriving to my French class, having actually prepared for the quiz that was scheduled for today, we were informed that our teacher had, sometime in the last 24 hours,  quit. Lovely. And then we were all gonna change to Latin. I was actually quite excited.

And then in fifth hour, they tell us, nope, we found a new French teacher. Haha. GRRRRRR. 

On top of that, we had fire drills in every single hour today...that wasn't very fun.

On the good side of things, in a couple weeks it's our 'spirit week' for Homecoming, and Tuesday was dubbed "Sci-Fi Day" (as if the people who made it that have any idea what sci-fi is, or have ever actually watched it). Anyways, me and two of my friends are going as the Doctor's companions. I'm to be Amy (of course), my friend Lauren is going to be Rose, and my other friend Sam is going as Donna (because no one likes Martha!). I'm actually quite excited for this, even though I previously trashed the theme. Okay, well, it's still a stupid theme, but I'm geeked for any chance to dress like Amy Pond (rereading that sentence gave me the strong urge to go out and get a life. Whatever that is).

So, yeah...that's about all the interesting things I have to say. So, I'm gonna go play Facebook Sims, and then watch Doctor Who til the wee hours of the morning (or like, ten, when I fall asleep).

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